1: Chelsea Freeman, wife of Braves' Freddie Freeman, is a former model and passionate philanthropist.

2: Born on October 26, 1989, Chelsea Freeman hails from Orange County, California.

3: Chelsea and Freddie Freeman tied the knot in 2014 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

4: The couple has two adorable children, Charlie and Cherry, who often steal the spotlight at Braves games.

5: Chelsea Freeman is actively involved in charitable initiatives, including autism awareness and animal rescue.

6: She has a strong social media presence, sharing glimpses of family life and her activism work.

7: Chelsea Freeman's fashion sense and stylish appearances make her a popular figure among Braves fans.

8: Despite Freddie's hectic baseball schedule, the couple prioritizes family time and creating lasting memories.

9: In conclusion, Chelsea Freeman is a devoted wife, loving mother, and influential figure within the Atlanta community.