1: US gymnastics superstar Simone Biles' husband Jonathan Owens responds to critics claiming he's the "catch" in their marriage.

2: Owens defends himself and expresses love and appreciation for Biles' achievements and accomplishments.

3: The couple's relationship is strong despite public scrutiny, with Owens supporting Biles in her gymnastics career.

4: Owens emphasizes the importance of equality and mutual respect in their marriage.

5: He acknowledges the challenges of being in the spotlight but remains committed to his relationship with Biles.

6: Their love is evident through their shared values and dedication to each other.

7: Owens' statement highlights the importance of communication and understanding in a healthy relationship.

8: Critics' opinions do not diminish the bond between Biles and Owens, who continue to prioritize each other's happiness.

9: In the face of criticism, their love prevails, proving the strength of their marriage.