1: Tom Hiddleston shares his hesitation about Loki returning for Season 3. Could this be the end of everyone's favorite God of Mischief?

2: After the events of Season 2, fans are left wondering if Tom Hiddleston's Loki will make a comeback in a possible Season 3.

3: Loki fans are eagerly anticipating news of a potential Season 3, but Tom Hiddleston's uncertainty leaves them hanging.

4: Will Loki get a Season 3? Tom Hiddleston's ambiguous comments have fans speculating about the future of the beloved character.

5: Tom Hiddleston's uncertainty about Loki's return sparks rumors of a possible Season 3. Will fans get to see more of the trickster?

6: As fans wait for news on a potential Season 3, Tom Hiddleston's hesitance adds to the mystery surrounding Loki's future.

7: Tom Hiddleston's comments on the possibility of a Season 3 have fans on the edge of their seats. What will happen to the God of Mischief?

8: Is Loki's journey coming to an end? Tom Hiddleston's uncertain stance on a Season 3 leaves fans craving more answers.

9: Tom Hiddleston's indecision about Loki's return has fans anxiously awaiting news of a potential Season 3. Will the trickster make a comeback?