1: Discover the cleanest animals in the world. You'll be surprised by which creatures top the list in cleanliness.

2: Believe it or not, the pig is one of the cleanest animals. They are known for rolling in the mud to cool off, but they keep their living quarters spotless.

3: Did you know that sheep are naturally clean animals? They have a strong aversion to soiling themselves and will actively seek out a clean place to rest.

4: Contrary to popular belief, rats are actually very clean animals. They spend hours grooming themselves and each other, maintaining a high level of hygiene.

5: Even though they live in water, otters are extremely clean animals. They groom themselves after every meal and will even use tools to keep their fur clean.

6: Snails may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you think of cleanliness, but they are meticulous groomers. They use their slime to keep themselves clean.

7: Bees are known for their hive mentality, but they are also incredibly clean insects. They have a dedicated team of worker bees that keep the hive spotless.

8: Sloths may move slowly, but they are surprisingly clean animals. Their fur is an ecosystem of its own, hosting algae and bugs, which they keep groomed.

9: From pigs to bees, these animals may surprise you with their cleanliness. The next time you encounter one of these creatures, remember how tidy they really are.