1: "The Big Bang Theory" returns with a new spinoff series on CBS. Dive into 5 relationships that fans still debate about from the original show.

2: Leonard and Penny's on-again, off-again romance kept viewers guessing throughout the series. Were they really meant to be together?

3: Sheldon and Amy's quirky love story captured the hearts of fans. But was their relationship built to last?

4: Howard and Bernadette's unexpected romance blossomed into a happy marriage. Can they overcome any obstacle that comes their way?

5: Raj's search for love led to many ups and downs. Which of his relationships left a lasting impact on viewers?

6: Stuart's unrequited love for Penny added a touch of drama to the show. Will he ever find his happily ever after?

7: Fans still debate whether the show's finale did justice to all the characters' relationships. What do you think about the ending?

8: As the spinoff series takes off, fans eagerly await to see how the original show's relationships will be revisited. What surprises lie ahead?

9: Join us as we revisit the 5 relationships that defined "The Big Bang Theory." Who was your favorite couple on the show?