1: Introduction Learn about Taraji P Henson's 11 highest-grossing movies according to Box Office Mojo. Discover her impressive career in Hollywood.

2: Hidden Figures "Henson shines in the inspiring true story of African American mathematicians at NASA. A critical and commercial success."

3: The Karate Kid "Taraji's heartfelt performance adds depth to this action-packed reboot. A hit with audiences of all ages."

4: Ralph Breaks the Internet "Voicing the character of Yesss, Henson brings humor and charm to this animated adventure. A box office hit."

5: Proud Mary "Henson commands the screen as a deadly assassin seeking redemption. A stylish action thriller."

6: What Men Want "In this gender-swapped remake, Henson's comedic timing shines. A fun and feminist rom-com."

7: Date Night "Small but memorable role for Henson in this comedy caper. A hilarious addition to her filmography."

8: Baby Boy "Henson's breakthrough role as a tough single mother. A gritty drama with a cult following."

9: Acrimony "Henson and Tyler Perry team up for this twisted tale of love and revenge. A rollercoaster of emotions."