1: Simone Biles reveals she feared being banned from America after vault error at Tokyo Olympics.

2: Biles opens up about mental health struggles during Olympics, emphasizes importance of self-care.

3: Athlete reflects on decision to withdraw from competitions, prioritizing well-being over medals.

4: Media scrutiny and public pressure take toll on Biles, leading to pivotal self-reflection.

5: Fans show overwhelming support for Biles, praising her courage and resilience in face of adversity.

6: Biles advocates for mental health awareness, challenging stigma in competitive sports industry.

7: Olympic champion remains grateful for experience, promises to use platform to empower others.

8: Biles sets example for athletes worldwide, proving importance of mental well-being in elite sports.

9: Simone Biles' journey inspires millions, reshaping narrative around success and vulnerability in sports.