1: "Simone Biles shuts down criticism from husband Jonathan Owens for podcast comments."

2: "Owens faced backlash for controversial statements about Biles in recent episode."

3: "Biles addresses Owens' remarks and stands her ground against negativity."

4: "Fans show support for Biles amid ongoing scrutiny from Owens' comments."

5: "Biles emphasizes importance of self-worth and empowerment in face of criticism."

6: "Owens clarifies intentions behind comments as Biles maintains stance on respect."

7: "Public reaction to Biles' response to Owens highlights importance of healthy communication."

8: "Biles sets boundaries with Owens and asserts value of mutual respect in partnership."

9: "Owens issues public apology to Biles after addressing impact of his words."