1: Meet Watto, the shrewd Toydarian junk dealer in Lego Star Wars.

2: Unlock Sebulba, the ruthless podracer with lightning-fast reflexes.

3: Master the art of deception with Zam Wesell, the mysterious shapeshifter.

4: Embrace the dark side with Cad Bane, the notorious bounty hunter.

5: Join forces with Jango Fett, the skilled Mandalorian warrior and father of Boba Fett.

6: Unleash chaos with General Grievous, the cyborg leader of the Separatist army.

7: Harness the power of the Force with Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan.

8: Become the ultimate Sith lord with Darth Maul, the deadly warrior with a double-bladed lightsaber.

9: Conquer the galaxy with Emperor Palpatine, the evil mastermind behind the rise of the Galactic Empire.