1: "Batching cocktails for a crowd is easy and efficient. Start by choosing a recipe and multiplying the ingredients to fit your group size."

2: "Mix all ingredients in a large pitcher or dispenser. Stir well to ensure everything is properly mixed and chilled before serving."

3: "Consider pre-batching individual garnishes, like citrus wheels or fresh herbs, for easy and quick assembly when serving."

4: "Don't forget the ice! Fill glasses with ice before pouring the batched cocktail to ensure it stays cold and refreshing."

5: "Label the batched cocktails with the name of the drink to help guests easily identify their preference at the gathering."

6: "Serve batched cocktails in a stylish punch bowl or dispenser for a beautiful presentation that adds to the overall ambiance."

7: "Offer non-alcoholic options, like mocktails or flavored waters, for guests who prefer not to consume alcohol at the event."

8: "Provide serving tools like ladles, jiggers, and stirrers for guests to customize their drinks with extra garnishes or mix-ins."

9: "Remember to enjoy the party! Batched cocktails are a convenient way to serve delicious drinks while spending more time with guests."