1: Unleashing Ultimate Power Witness the most epic moment in Avengers Endgame that closely mirrors a major comic moment.

2: The Mad Titan's Defeat Explore how the defeat of Thanos in Endgame pays homage to a significant comic book event.

3: Iron Man's Final Stand Experience the emotional impact of Iron Man's heroic sacrifice, a moment straight out of the comics.

4: Captain America's Time Travel Delve into Captain America's time-traveling adventure, a nod to his iconic comic book storylines.

5: Black Widow's Sacrifice Discover how Black Widow's selfless act mirrors a key moment in her comic book history.

6: Hulk's Transformation Witness the incredible evolution of Hulk in Endgame, reminiscent of his comic book character development.

7: Thor's Redemption Marvel at Thor's journey to redemption and how it echoes a major comic book storyline.

8: Doctor Strange's Vision Unravel the mysterious visions of Doctor Strange and how they connect to his comic book origins.

9: The Avengers Assemble Celebrate the epic moment when the Avengers assemble in Endgame, a tribute to their iconic comic book team-ups.