1: Empire star Taraji P. Henson discusses the pros and cons of playing Cookie Lyon on the hit TV show.

2: Cookie's fierce personality and bold fashion sense have made her a fan favorite on Empire.

3: However, portraying such a complex character can be emotionally draining for Henson.

4: Henson finds joy in inspiring women and breaking barriers with Cookie's character on Empire.

5: But the constant scrutiny and pressure of fame can take a toll on the actress.

6: Despite the challenges, Henson embraces the opportunity to portray a strong Black woman on screen.

7: Cookie Lyon's unapologetic attitude and charisma have made her an iconic TV character.

8: Henson's portrayal of Cookie has earned her critical acclaim and recognition in the industry.

9: Ultimately, Henson believes that playing Cookie has been a rewarding and transformative experience in her career.