1: Elon Musk defends TikTok, stating it should not be banned in the US. Find out why the tech billionaire supports the popular social media platform.

2: Musk believes that banning TikTok would violate free speech rights. Read on to learn more about his stance on the controversial app.

3: The Tesla CEO argues that competition is essential for innovation. Discover how Musk's views on TikTok align with his belief in a competitive market.

4: Musk's comments come amidst growing concerns over TikTok's data privacy practices. Explore the potential implications of banning the app in the US.

5: The entrepreneur's support for TikTok has stirred up debate among policymakers. Learn how Musk's opinion adds a new dimension to the ongoing discussion.

6: Despite facing criticism from some quarters, Musk remains steadfast in his defense of TikTok. Uncover the reasons behind the tech mogul's unwavering support.

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9: In conclusion, Musk's position on TikTok highlights the importance of balancing innovation and security. Explore the implications of his advocacy for the future of social media regulation.