1: Welcome to your Hummingbird-Friendly Garden! Learn how to attract these beautiful birds with the right plants and feeders.

2: Choose nectar-producing flowers like bee balm, salvia, and trumpet vine to provide food for hummingbirds all year round.

3: Create a water source with a shallow bird bath or fountain for hummingbirds to drink and bathe in.

4: Hang hummingbird feeders filled with sugar water in your garden to supplement their nectar diet.

5: Avoid using pesticides in your garden to keep hummingbirds safe and healthy.

6: Plant trees and shrubs for nesting and perching spots for hummingbirds to rest and hide from predators.

7: Provide a variety of colors and shapes in your garden to attract different species of hummingbirds.

8: Maintain a clean and tidy garden to keep hummingbirds coming back year after year.

9: Enjoy watching these tiny miracles flutter around in your Hummingbird-Friendly Garden!