1: "Kuroko's Basketball: A thrilling series about a high school basketball team with hidden talents."

2: "Haikyuu!!: Join a group of determined volleyball players on their journey to the top."

3: "Yuri!!! on Ice: A captivating story of figure skaters chasing their dreams in a competitive world."

4: "Free!: Dive into the world of competitive swimming with a group of talented athletes."

5: "Run with the Wind: Discover the challenges and triumphs of a unique running club."

6: "Chihayafuru: A tale of passion and competition in the world of competitive karuta."

7: "Yowamushi Pedal: Follow a determined cyclist as he pursues his dreams and overcomes obstacles."

8: "Keijo!!!!!!!!: A fun and action-packed series about a unique sport involving butt battles."

9: "Prince of Stride: Alternative: Experience the excitement of parkour-style racing with a high school team."