1: Title: Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Moms Content: Juggling work and family? Try these Mediterranean diet snacks for a nutritious boost after a long day at the office.

2: Title: Hummus & Veggie Sticks Content: Whip up this protein-packed snack in minutes by pairing creamy hummus with colorful vegetable sticks for a satisfying bite.

3: Title: Greek Yogurt Parfait Content: Layer Greek yogurt with fresh fruits, nuts, and a drizzle of honey for a tasty and nutritious snack on the go.

4: Title: Whole Grain Pita Chips & Tzatziki Content: Crispy whole grain pita chips paired with creamy tzatziki sauce make for a delicious and filling Mediterranean snack.

5: Title: Stuffed Grape Leaves Content: Enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean with stuffed grape leaves filled with rice, herbs, and a hint of lemon.

6: Title: Feta & Olive Skewers Content: Mix tangy feta cheese with briny olives on skewers for a savory snack that's perfect for munching.

7: Title: Roasted Chickpeas Content: Crunchy roasted chickpeas seasoned with Mediterranean spices make for a satisfying and protein-rich snack option.

8: Title: Caprese Salad Skewers Content: Skewer cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese for a refreshing and light snack that's bursting with flavor.

9: Title: Almond & Date Energy Bites Content: Blend dates and almonds with a touch of cinnamon for a sweet and energizing snack that's perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up.