1: "Choose a sunny spot for your rosemary plant to thrive. Ensure good drainage to prevent root rot."

2: "Water sparingly, as rosemary prefers dry soil. Allow the top layer to dry out between waterings."

3: "Prune regularly to promote growth and shape the plant. Trim after flowering to maintain a bushy appearance."

4: "Feed with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season. Avoid excessive nitrogen, which can inhibit flowering."

5: "Harvest leaves as needed, avoiding excessive pruning. Use fresh or dried rosemary in cooking, teas, and sachets."

6: "Protect from frost by bringing indoors or covering with cloth. Rosemary is hardy but susceptible to cold."

7: "Propagate from cuttings by dipping in rooting hormone and planting in well-draining soil. Keep moist until rooted."

8: "Control pests like spider mites and aphids with neem oil or insecticidal soap. Check regularly for signs of infestation."

9: "Enjoy the aromatic beauty of rosemary in your home garden. Use these tips to cultivate a thriving plant year-round."