1: 1. Memories of Murder - A gripping tale of serial murder investigation. 2. Oldboy - A man seeks revenge after 15 years in captivity. 3. Burning - A mysterious love triangle turns sinister.

2: 4. The Chaser - A former cop hunts a twisted serial killer. 5. I Saw the Devil - A vengeful agent seeks justice for his wife. 6. The Handmaiden - A twisted con game with steamy secrets.

3: 7. The Wailing - A village plagued by a deadly supernatural force. 8. The Man from Nowhere - A reclusive man races to save a little girl. 9. Train to Busan - Survivors fight back on a zombie-infested train.

4: 10. The Villainess - A trained assassin seeks revenge on her past. 11. The Yellow Sea - A desperate man becomes a hired killer. 12. Mother - A determined mother seeks to prove her son's innocence.

5: 13. The Thieves - A team of thieves plots a heist in Macau. 14. The Age of Shadows - A police captain infiltrates a resistance movement. 15. The Terror Live - A news anchor becomes embroiled in a terrorist plot.

6: 16. The Swindlers - A con artist recruits a team for a high-stakes heist. 17. The Outlaws - A cop and a gangster team up to take down a crime lord. 18. The Drug King - A drug lord rises to power in 1970s Korea.

7: 19. The Merciless - A prison gangster faces off against a newcomer. 20. Midnight Runners - Two police cadets track down a kidnapping. 21. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil - A cop and a gangster hunt a serial killer.

8: 22. The King - A prosecutor uncovers corruption in the political elite. 23. Time to Hunt - Friends embark on a dangerous heist in a dystopian world. 24. The Priests - A team of priests battles an ancient evil force.

9: 25. The Mimic - A family is terrorized by a supernatural creature. 26. The Closet - A single father battles a malevolent spirit. 27. The Silenced - Students uncover dark secrets at a mysterious school.