1: Discover the top 5 quiet and discreet dog breeds that are perfect for apartment living.

2: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - a small, gentle breed known for their friendly nature.

3: Greyhound - surprisingly, these racing dogs are calm and content to lounge around the house.

4: Basenji - a barkless breed that is independent and low maintenance.

5: Bichon Frise - a fluffy, hypoallergenic breed that is affectionate and adaptable.

6: Shih Tzu - a small and affectionate breed that is great for apartment living.

7: Chinese Crested - a unique and playful breed that is perfect for urban living.

8: Whippet - a quiet and gentle breed that enjoys relaxing on the couch.

9: Consider these quiet and discreet dog breeds for a peaceful apartment lifestyle.