1: Craving a snack? Try hummus with cucumber sticks for a quick and healthy Mediterranean bite after work.

2: Satisfy your hunger with a handful of mixed nuts, a nutritious and delicious snack for busy, working moms.

3: Enjoy a Greek yogurt parfait with fresh berries for a protein-packed Mediterranean snack that is easy to prepare.

4: Indulge in whole grain pita bread with tzatziki sauce for a flavorful and satisfying snack idea post work.

5: Munch on olives and cherry tomatoes for a low-calorie, nutrient-rich Mediterranean snack to keep you energized.

6: Opt for a cheese and whole grain cracker plate for a fulfilling Mediterranean snack that is both tasty and filling.

7: Unwind with a refreshing fruit salad drizzled with honey and mint for a sweet and healthy Mediterranean snack option.

8: Treat yourself to a serving of roasted chickpeas for a crunchy and protein-rich Mediterranean snack with a twist.

9: Stay nourished with a medley of fresh veggies and hummus, a simple and nutritious Mediterranean snack for the busy mom on-the-go.