1: Indulge in these savory cabbage casseroles packed with three types of meat and cheese.

2: Dig into a hearty cabbage casserole with ground beef, cabbage, and creamy cheese sauce.

3: Try a vegetarian twist on cabbage casserole with hearty lentils and aromatic spices.

4: Satisfy your taste buds with a cabbage casserole loaded with pork, mushrooms, and tangy sauerkraut.

5: Warm up with a comforting cabbage casserole featuring smoked sausage, cabbage, and gooey cheese.

6: Enjoy a cheesy and flavorful cabbage casserole with ground turkey and crispy bacon topping.

7: Experience a new take on cabbage casserole with spicy chorizo and zesty jalapenos.

8: Dive into a creamy and decadent cabbage casserole with chicken, broccoli, and cheddar cheese.

9: Savor a sweet and savory cabbage casserole with apples, bacon, and maple syrup drizzle.